Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas bbq @ bt batok csc - 231207

gift exchange was fun, as usual.. haha.. lots of laughter!

dan got xiao ding dang dvd & a cat display thingie from tao..
tao got a chess set from dexter (eelyn's boyfriend),
dexter got a cool poker card & a candy from geraldine (eric's gf)..
geraldine got a water bottle from kaiyan
& kaiyan got a prints notebook & a pen from vanessa (hk's gf)
van then received a gift from jingjie.. two cups! great for hk & her!
then he received a fondue set from eelyn.. haha i want lo! :l
anyway, eelyn got a flexible massager from waihong..
waihong got a $35!! gv card from xiuling~ very generous of her yea?
in return, xiuling got a bathroom set from yongkwang.. haha
yongkwang received gifts from shienn! - a pencil case & a voodoo doll
shienn got a waterproof keyboard from poon..
just nice cos enn's keyboard is down i think?
poon then picked jackson(ky's bf)'s gift - a waterbottle..
jackson got a taka voucher.. $20 de.. from stanley (+wen's bf)
and stanley! got my gifts.. a 2008 calendar and a massager...
alamak. i was hoping somebody from s29 will get the calendar.. haha
cos i filled the calendar with everyone's birthday! hurhur..

ok, next, i picked hengka's gift.. - a pouch & a card holder. nice!
and hengka got daniel's gift.. also a pouch.. with v nice wrapping!
anyway it was mdm lim's turn cos dan was the 1st to draw lots
mdm lim got jiechao's gift! a towel i think? with an ox pic i tink?
haha.. just nice, mdm lim is also borned in the year of ox~ :)
chao got jiawen's gift.. which is also a fondue set.. haha..
and +wen got a mini cooper from eric!!! haha.. remote control car
heehee.. it's cool man. red mini with white top.. very cool.
eric got mdm lim's 4-leave-clover pendant.. symbolises goodluck!

in the end it was left with only 3 person -
kel, jieshi & chunrui (poon's gf) so chunrui got to draw lots first..
she picked jieshi's gift - a radio & a towel set i think..
then of cos, it's left with jieshi & kel... haha..
so jieshi got the waterbottle from kel.. very suitable for her~
kel then got the gift that chunrui brought - a winnie the pooh towel!

had logcake after the gift exchange.. yeps, celeb-ed dan's bday


the bday boy got a nike sling bag, wrist band & a towel..
i think that's abt all? :X can't really remember eh.. X:
then yea, he got a paper plane for being a pilot all the time..
haha.. very lame of hengka.. but it was really funny la.. haha

mr chin left before the gift exchange & we didn't take a pix w him
so yea, at the end.. 24 of us stayed till abt 10pm? yeps..
then mdm lim left.. followed by jiawen & stanley, eric & ger..
the rest of us.. abt 19! haha.. we played zhong ji mi ma!!
haha.. damn fun.. we had to finish up the leftover food & drinks mah
and poor yongkwang.. hahhaa.. he got the "right" number 4 times!
there was just so much fun and laughter.. haha.. successful bbq!
looking fwd to the next major gathering like this.. maybe xmas'08 :)

Merry Xmas, Happy Boxing Day! :P

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BBQ - 23rd dec instead of 22nd!

dear all,

or dear kaiyan.. since you're the only one reading. hahahaa..

the date has been change, it has to change la..
due to the availability of the bbq pit.. or rather, unavailability.
boo! i tried my best. can't book earlier cos can only book 1 mth in adv
and so.. pits for 22nd are fully booked. so i asked for 23rd dec..
going down to make payment this friday.. hehs.
i hope the date is ok.. hurhur.. sorry for the change in date..

i checked safra, they only have "poolside terrace" far away
like in toa pah yoh (i don't even know how to spell) and yishun
then i called cdans, which is under hometeam.. all booked..
west coast park is damn risky cos what if it rains? inaccessible too.
so i had to go back to bt batok csc to check.. heh. 23rd. available!
so yea, the details are as follow... i'll sms everyone once i pay for it.

venue: bt batok civil service club
date: 23rd Dec '07 (Sunday)
time: 6pm

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

- gift of ~$20 for the exchange
- partner, if any.

and pls do let me know if your partner is turning up! :P

ok that's all for now.. most likely it's confirmed la..
hope to see ALL OF YOU soon yea? -smiles-

Sunday, November 04, 2007

x'mas BBQ @ bb csc!

been a long while since this blog was last updated.
wonder if anyone actually still drops by.. haha..
anyhow, there's gonna be a gathering.. very soon!!
something to look forward to, for those having exams?
btw, all the best to those still schooling.. JIAYOU~

and.. yepyeps, it's our annual x'mas gathering :)
the details are all tentative.. to be confirmed..

venue: bt batok civil service club, treehouse
date: 22nd dec '07 (saturday)
time: 6pm

- gift of ~$20 for the gift exchange
- partner, if any

alrights, that's about all for now!!
will update again after booking the pit..
let me know if you're still reading this blog? haha :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love Fiesta! 3rd Feb '07

jjc totally promoted the event, so much effort..
postcard to all jjcians.. then banners everywhere!!
and a very very biggggggggg love fiesta banner right beside the field.
there was flying fox.. by Mr Ang.. yea he was the i/c there i think?
then.. many many stalls selling food & drink.. bubble tea, fondue,
yummy donuts, rojak, delicious satays, jelly/agar agar.. everything!!
there were so manyyyyy people.. & jjc is really different now..
they even have this fountain thingie in the canteen.. waste $$ :X

anyw, went past the sch yest.. guess wat? they hav a new banner.
"thanks to the 12168 people who attended love fiesta"..
oh, not exact words la.. but something lik that.. not bad eh?
it was quite a successful event i guess? haha.. cheers.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
best part is we got to see mdm lim & mr chin! =)
and we walked ard the sch.. eating.. playing.. talking... :)
yea, went back with these people.. heehee..
xiuling was back too! in the morning.. & marie came real late..
ayeee.. let's all go back together next year yea? :)
im sure you people miss our dearest mr chin & mdm lim!
oh, mdm lim actually gave us $20 worth of coupons to play! nice eh?

paisay, the video quality isn't very good? haha.. but, fun ar?
poon, kel & i were just watching la.. btw it's $6/ride~
talking abt $6.. bought this stupid jelly thingie from my sister..
her class set up 2 stalls i think.. and they sold this jelly thingie
for $6!! per small tub. omg. it's like.. cheat people's money la.. :X

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
anyw, im sure everyone had fun.. haha..
but, poor jiawen.. went back with 5 blueeeblacks!! haha..
she's light.. so was totally swung from left->right & back, repeatedly!
after this, we went to some classroom to slack lah..
it was quite nice to just go back to the aircon classroom..
and reminisce about the past.. while enjoying our satays? :) haha..


alright, today's our little crazy girl's birthday!
we had a small birthday celebration for her & leslie on friday
i'll upload the pix when i get them yea? hees..


from now onwards, let's just have this new 'rule' la..
birthdays will be by the RHS of this blog.. so, see for yourself..
if you're interested in sharing the gift for anybody's bday,
pls approach those you think will be buying the gifts! k? :)
it's tiring to keep organising & settling everything for everyone..
we enjoy doing it but it's tiring to wait for reluctant answers..
so, i think it's good this way la.. no obligations at all! =)
wanna share, share.. don't want, nvm.. cos no one wil ask you to :)
ok? good idea right? heehee.. jiu shi zhe yang le.. take care all!

have a good Valentine's Day,
and a Happy Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day Trip to City Square @ JB

date: 3rd Feb '07 27th Jan '07
day: Saturday
time: to be confirmed. most likely aftnn-9pm
activity: shop for CNY, movie, eat :)

participants: Angel, Kel (will be updated...)


interested? leave a msg!! :) sms/comment box.

to bring:
- yourself
- passport
- ringgit!!/credit card/debit card
- bag to carry the harvest home~ ^-^

*change of date as 3rd feb is love fiesta
and i'm sure mdm lim would want us back in school!
anyone interested? my sister is selling the tix.. lol! :x
ahhahaa... jiechao too.. i'm sure he's helping lah.. :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

231206 (sat) x'mas party!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
preparing the xmas dinner! =) @ chao's place..

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
heehee.. my dear jiawen with very rosie cheeks.
chao & poon with the baileys tt poon said he hates?
haha he dislikes it but he drank.. quite a bit? hurhur..
ok thanks jingjie for bringing it along yea? ^-^

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
lotsa photo taking after our very full dinner..
then.. we had chocolate fondue!!! hahahaa.. love :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yummmmyummm yummy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and then it was time for our logcake! it's yummy too!
the chocolate is good man. i ordered this cake online..
$26 for a 650g locake.. and tastes yummy.. quite gd yea?
oh yea, got it from =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
pressie exchange!! check it out yea? haha..
sooooo nice! everyone gets sth and everybody's happy
really hope we'll have gift exchange + xmas party every year

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ok, happy s29~ merry christmas!! :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dan Da Man

dear all,

just a gentle reminder..
it's daniel's 21st birthday party this friday!
(seems like some people forgot abt it
or rather, didn't realise tt it's this friday~
cos daniel invited us too early? haha..
our friend is a kanchiong spider.. -bleh-)

Date: 22nd Dec '06
Venue: Chevrons
Time: 6pm

see ya all there! =)
and, don't forget abt our xmas party on sat! haha
hohoho~ merry merry christmasssss~