Monday, October 30, 2006

heyhey my dear friends!


okay.. from now on, there will be lesser smses!
everything will be posted up here! =)
all details of gatherings/events/parties/meet ups.. :)
lesser smses means the only sms is for you to check this~
pls comment to let me know if you're turning up & all tt!
really hope you guys will make good use of this
the stupid hotmail thingie failed. so, nvm abt that..
ermm.. do check back for more stuff yea? heehee..

be more proactive yea? haha..
this will definitely help lighten the organisers' load!
as well as brighten our days! hohoho..
yea la, things will be alot easier, thanks alot man! =)

for the rest of this year, these are the events:
- tao's 21st birthday. details to be confirmed.
- daniel's 21st bday party @ the chevrons.
- christmas party + gift exchange! =)
i'll update abt the christmas thingie soon k?
hope you guys will help in suggesting the locations
as well as.. the preferred date? thanks~ =)

to every little good thing in life,


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