Monday, October 30, 2006


suggest suggest~ this poll wil be down in 10days.
so, pls vote. and thanks for your suggestion(s)~
btw, i didnt include chevrons.. cos it's fully booked alr :l

someone's house
possible, just like last yr @ eelyn's
but, gotto tell me which possible place to go to la..
you can always volunteer your house if you want to =)

angel's house's downstair's bbq pit
you people have been there alr.. long ago!
if any of you remember lah..
when the guys were still in the army =)
it's around $20 for a bbq pit.. i think??
with improved facility. lol, ok, just better lighting.
but i think they'll off the light @ 10pm. yeps..

bt batok civil service club.
this place is new, it's at... yes bt batok! hurhur..
the treehouse's vnice. jieshi says they hav nice pool~
ermm thing is.. it's $60 for 4hours. 6pm-10pm
subsequent hour is at $15 each.

costa sands (downtown east)
overly priced at $388 for 3D2N
so i guess it's more or less out? hurhur.. :l

aloha loyang/changi
bigggggg chalets! up to 4 rooms~
and, it's cheap.. for the no. of rooms + beds lah..
and can book for just one night. =)
only thing is the long waiting list
aloha changi has bigger rooms than loyang i tink
both also got bungalow style chalets.. seaside too!
price range from $50 - $200 for 1night..

hometeamNS - bt batok
chalet is $84 per night. good thing is it's near
so im sure everyone knows where it is.. right? :)
think chao has the membership so he can book! hee :X

Some condo's function room
erhh not sure where and whose.
i dun tink any of us stays in a condo
but it's possible lah.. fren's condo or sth? haha

Christmas Party!
Where do you want our Christmas party to be held at?

Someone's house?

aNgeL's house's downstair's BBQ pit

Bt Batok Civil Svc Club Treehouse

Costa Sands (Downtown East)

Aloha Loyang/Changi

HomeTeam NS Bt Batok Chalet (CDANS)

Condo's function room.

Others [pls suggest in the comment box~]

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