Friday, November 03, 2006

About the Christmas Party!

ard 25 people voted. haha, efficient eh? wow!
this is so much better than smses w/o replies..
yay~ thanks, everyone! heehee.. but..
no thanks to yongkwang for disturbing e count.
gonna close the poll le.. hurhur.. =)

yeps, highest vote = my house's bbq pit & someone's hse
(the condo one was totally disturbed by yongkwang)
anyw, as for cdans, jiechao checked it out.. fully booked! :l
so, it's left with my place's bbq pit right? haha
cos nobody volunteered anyone for someone's house..?
gotto let me know at least.. who is volunteering the place right?
anyw, eunice suggested her auntie's place..
what do you all think? let me know yea? =)
yeps, so now it's either bbq or eunice's aunt's place.

heyhey, pls don't try to vote multiple times? really
thanks alot. it's sad when someone's trying to do sth
and somebody else, who is not helping, is trying to spoil it?
btw, anyone interested in blogging as well?
cos i can send invites.. yeps, lemme know k? :)


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