Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Gift!!

hohoho.. it's getting Christmasyyy~
happy happy? heehees.. :]

dear all, just an update..
outta the 29 people in class,
22 has replied, thanks for cooperating! =)
ok, outta the 22, 6 cannot make it..
yep of cos, the other 16 people are coming :)
hopefully no other changes yea? hees.
and for those who havent tell me abt the party..
kindly sms me or just leave a msg here yea? :)

Venue: Jiechao's Place
Date: 23rd Dec '06, Saturday
Time: 7pm

as usual, it'd be a gift exchange kinda thing
of cos, only applicable to those who are turning up :)
minimum cost of the gift = $15
haha.. if you wanna get sth much costlier, go ahead k?
but yea, a min of $15 so tt we can all get sth presentable!
ohyes, something important to note..
no food, no drink/wine, no stuff toys or photoframes!!
okay? yesyes.. everyone wants good gift right? =)
so, let's put in some great effort in choosing the gifts
it's a joyous occasion, let's make someone's day together!



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