Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day Trip to City Square @ JB

date: 3rd Feb '07 27th Jan '07
day: Saturday
time: to be confirmed. most likely aftnn-9pm
activity: shop for CNY, movie, eat :)

participants: Angel, Kel (will be updated...)


interested? leave a msg!! :) sms/comment box.

to bring:
- yourself
- passport
- ringgit!!/credit card/debit card
- bag to carry the harvest home~ ^-^

*change of date as 3rd feb is love fiesta
and i'm sure mdm lim would want us back in school!
anyone interested? my sister is selling the tix.. lol! :x
ahhahaa... jiechao too.. i'm sure he's helping lah.. :)


Anonymous ^eE~ said...

heyhey! i'm v v interested... but cant go.. haix.. yepz.. gotta go msia too, but diff states.. u guys haf fun k! anw, i really really had fun tis new yr wkend w u guys! thxthx..

1:17 PM  

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