Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas bbq @ bt batok csc - 231207

gift exchange was fun, as usual.. haha.. lots of laughter!

dan got xiao ding dang dvd & a cat display thingie from tao..
tao got a chess set from dexter (eelyn's boyfriend),
dexter got a cool poker card & a candy from geraldine (eric's gf)..
geraldine got a water bottle from kaiyan
& kaiyan got a prints notebook & a pen from vanessa (hk's gf)
van then received a gift from jingjie.. two cups! great for hk & her!
then he received a fondue set from eelyn.. haha i want lo! :l
anyway, eelyn got a flexible massager from waihong..
waihong got a $35!! gv card from xiuling~ very generous of her yea?
in return, xiuling got a bathroom set from yongkwang.. haha
yongkwang received gifts from shienn! - a pencil case & a voodoo doll
shienn got a waterproof keyboard from poon..
just nice cos enn's keyboard is down i think?
poon then picked jackson(ky's bf)'s gift - a waterbottle..
jackson got a taka voucher.. $20 de.. from stanley (+wen's bf)
and stanley! got my gifts.. a 2008 calendar and a massager...
alamak. i was hoping somebody from s29 will get the calendar.. haha
cos i filled the calendar with everyone's birthday! hurhur..

ok, next, i picked hengka's gift.. - a pouch & a card holder. nice!
and hengka got daniel's gift.. also a pouch.. with v nice wrapping!
anyway it was mdm lim's turn cos dan was the 1st to draw lots
mdm lim got jiechao's gift! a towel i think? with an ox pic i tink?
haha.. just nice, mdm lim is also borned in the year of ox~ :)
chao got jiawen's gift.. which is also a fondue set.. haha..
and +wen got a mini cooper from eric!!! haha.. remote control car
heehee.. it's cool man. red mini with white top.. very cool.
eric got mdm lim's 4-leave-clover pendant.. symbolises goodluck!

in the end it was left with only 3 person -
kel, jieshi & chunrui (poon's gf) so chunrui got to draw lots first..
she picked jieshi's gift - a radio & a towel set i think..
then of cos, it's left with jieshi & kel... haha..
so jieshi got the waterbottle from kel.. very suitable for her~
kel then got the gift that chunrui brought - a winnie the pooh towel!

had logcake after the gift exchange.. yeps, celeb-ed dan's bday


the bday boy got a nike sling bag, wrist band & a towel..
i think that's abt all? :X can't really remember eh.. X:
then yea, he got a paper plane for being a pilot all the time..
haha.. very lame of hengka.. but it was really funny la.. haha

mr chin left before the gift exchange & we didn't take a pix w him
so yea, at the end.. 24 of us stayed till abt 10pm? yeps..
then mdm lim left.. followed by jiawen & stanley, eric & ger..
the rest of us.. abt 19! haha.. we played zhong ji mi ma!!
haha.. damn fun.. we had to finish up the leftover food & drinks mah
and poor yongkwang.. hahhaa.. he got the "right" number 4 times!
there was just so much fun and laughter.. haha.. successful bbq!
looking fwd to the next major gathering like this.. maybe xmas'08 :)

Merry Xmas, Happy Boxing Day! :P


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