Sunday, November 04, 2007

x'mas BBQ @ bb csc!

been a long while since this blog was last updated.
wonder if anyone actually still drops by.. haha..
anyhow, there's gonna be a gathering.. very soon!!
something to look forward to, for those having exams?
btw, all the best to those still schooling.. JIAYOU~

and.. yepyeps, it's our annual x'mas gathering :)
the details are all tentative.. to be confirmed..

venue: bt batok civil service club, treehouse
date: 22nd dec '07 (saturday)
time: 6pm

- gift of ~$20 for the gift exchange
- partner, if any

alrights, that's about all for now!!
will update again after booking the pit..
let me know if you're still reading this blog? haha :)


Blogger kAiyAn said... $20 ah?
got student rate mah?
hur hur~

4:18 PM  
Blogger aNgeL said...

lol! ermm.. nitto buy 1 gift only leh.. exchange with 20 people?

3:59 PM  

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